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Wallace Associates: How to choose a life coach?



It was previously revealed by Wallace Associates the different benefits any individuals could get from a life coach. But the question is, how will you know if a certain coach is the right one for you?

Wallace Associates Inc knows that there are important things to look for so the firm provides them in the following:


In this world where evil beings lurk everywhere, anyone could call themselves a life coach, so always be careful on who to approach. Make sure that a life coach is certified by an accredited professional school and from a qualified school because life coaching needs particular skills, conduct standards, and a foundation of training. Certification is really crucial to any life coach.

Look for an organization of professional life coaches that is certified by highly acclaimed coach training institutions in your region such as the iPEC Coaching in the United States. iPEC, along with other 11 schools worldwide, was fully accredited by the International Coach Federation or ICF.

Surprisingly, more than 300 hours of strict training and almost 100 hours of live training are included in iPEC certification requirements. In order to fully understand the fundamentals of comprehensive coaching, iPEC requires face-to-face live training. In addition to their live training, the organization also uses telephone training and coach mentoring. Lastly, before potential coaches can even apply for certification, iPEC requires extensive firsthand coaching training first.


You can search for references about a certain life coach from several clients on different websites. When asking people for references, ensure that they've been coached by the life coach to avoid any false information regarding the professional. Reviews show that life coaches who provide effective coaching to their clients can deliver great changes and a fulfilling life to them.

Right chemistry

You and your life coach should be a good match. It may be difficult to find the right life coach for you but once you’ve found the one, it will be all worth it in the end. Wallace Associates wants you to remember that personal chemistry is very important. The firm suggests speaking directly to your potential coach and request for a sample session to find out if he or she is a good match for you. Your goal is to build a deep trust with a life coach so before choosing one, make sure that you feel comfortable around him or her so that there could be an effective coaching.

Clients of Wallace Associates from different areas including Singapore, Hong Kong, and China made reviews about the firm, which are available on the web, regarding their good coaching services. This made the firm one of the known coaching firms in Kansas, United States. Their professionals are always willing to spend time with you, and address and answer your concerns.


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