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Wallace Associates: Pros of good career management

You should understand your own drivers and needs first before pursuing your dreams. Big changes and adjustments constantly happen in most organizations and sectors nowadays. And this challenge awaits you once you've entered the professional world, so the question is, how prepared are you for this? Wallace Associates believes that the answer to this is a good career...


Wallace Associates: Why do you need a good career management?

With Wallace Associates' 25 years of business expertise, the firm strongly believes that any individual must understand their own drivers and needs to find fulfilling careers. After your college graduation, some of you might have no idea when and where to begin your careers, while others are pursuing careers that were only suggested by their family members or close friends....


Wallace Associates: How to choose a life coach?

It was previously revealed by Wallace Associates the different benefits any individuals could get from a life coach. But the question is, how will you know if a certain coach is the right one for you?

Wallace Associates Inc knows that there are important things to look for so the firm provides them in the following:


In this world where evil...


Wallace Associates: 4 reasons why you need a life coach

It's undeniable that most of the highly successful people we know today hired a coach. Life coaches can play a crucial role in helping you accomplish where you want to be in life. Wallace Associates sees them as an important part of anyone's success. Because of the firm's involvement in this field for several years now, they have seen a lot of individuals reached their...


Wallace Associates: 7 advantages of executive coaching

As a seasoned professional, you're possibly thinking that you don't need any executive coaching for your career. But Wallace Associates needs you to think again because worthwhile benefits are waiting for you with executive coaching. Reviews show that coaching is aimed at helping you to become a better person as a whole as well as to be a great leader and executive.



Wallace Associates: Career coaching and its benefits

Some people are not closely paying attention to the growth of their career and don't bother contacting a career coach if they have concerns about their jobs. As a professional, Wallace Associates wants you to consider having a career coach in your life to answer difficult situations in your career.

A career coach can make a huge difference in your career. Just think about...


HRM3: Executive Search

Human Capital is the ultimate competitive advantage in today’s world of change. So acquiring the right executives to add to your management team is an urgent and important task.

HRM3 has a proven track record of surfacing ‘best fit’ candidates for our clients. Over the past years, we found and placed senior quality executives from various disciplines for our...


About HRM3


The Human Capital Solutions Provider in Asia.


Established in 2000, HRM3 Asia aims to partner our customers to anticipate and respond to changes with the right Human Capital Solutions.


Our services include Executive Search, Outplacement, Company-Wide Career, Succession Planning & Top 5% Talent Review Systems, Executive...


The Human Capital Solutions Provider in Asia

Executive Search

HRM3 partners local and global clients in searching for the best-fit executive talents to contribute positively in critical and important job positions. 

We use a time-tested 7-Step Headhunting Process to deliver successful assignments.

Organisational Effectiveness

HRM3 partners with organization leaders to identify “felt needs”, design &...


Wallace Associates: Contact Information


TEL: 316.558.3706 CEL: 316.214.4274 EMAIL:

Wallace Associates is a locally-owned career management and coaching firm, leveraging over 25 years of business expertise, to provide customized career transition / outplacement, executive coaching, and personal coaching...